Remember, we are in this together!

A spectacular portrait needs a good photo and your trusty phone camera is all you need. Follow our easy guide, and together, we'll turn a simple click into a timeless tribute to your beloved pet. Ready to unleash the magic? 🪄🎨🐾

Photo Guide

1. Eye Level and Focus:

Get down to your pet's eye level. Focus on the eyes to capture their expression.

2. The Right Pose:

Full-face shots looking straight to the camera work very well for portraits.

Capture your pet in a natural, comfortable pose (Better if they are sitting or standing).

3. Complete Features:

Ensure full glory of their head and neck, especially those expressive ears.

4. Again, Every Ear Counts:

Keep those adorable ears within the frame.

5. High Resolution:

Use the highest resolution setting on your camera or phone. Clear, non-blurry images yield the best results.

6. Clear Background:

If possible, try to use a simple background to avoid distractions.

Remember, no need for professional shots; your pet's charisma outshines all. 🐾🪄

And don't forget, a mobile number on file means we can nudge you to approve your design.

Without approval in 3 days, we'll trust our instincts and proceed to print!